1. You may not sell, reproduce or alter the artwork you payed for. You are allowed to use it for personal use only (such as profile picture).

  2. I do not support NFT nor do I permit permission to use my artworks for NFT including the commissioned artwork.

  3. You may repost the artwork if it has my watermark and it is credited properly.

  4. These commissions are intended for non-commercial work only. If you wish to commission a commercial work please discuss with me.

  5. There are no refunds if I had already started on your commission even if it’s a sketch.

  6. You must pay beforehand. I will not start on it until it is paid.

  7. Payment will be done through Paypal Invoice.

  8. Bargaining is unacceptable but please feel free to tell me your budget and I’ll help you out.

  9. I have the right to reject any commission request.

  10. Commissioners understand that I maintain rights to my artwork and I am allowed to put commissioned work into my portfolio, social media sites, galleries, books and etc.

  11. You claim the rights of your character(s) but not the drawing itself.

  12. Clients must understand and agree to the terms and services, No exceptions.

  13. If you don't agree to my TOS in the google form I gave you then I won't do your commission.

  14. Terms & Services are subject to change.

  15. I don’t give out PSD files.

  16. Finished artwork will be given to you in a high resolution PNG file and a watermarked image.


  • I prefer to have conversations on email but I will allow inquiries through social media direct messages/personal messages. In the end, I will be messaging you through email to send the final artworks.

  • These commissions are only in digital art.

  • I accept visual and description references but please be as descriptive as possible. Any missed out information will not be my fault.

  • Please do not hold back your references and/or detail. It will only waste my time if you’re only going to tell me later and I will cost you for it.

  • Please discuss ahead of time if you want your commission done in a deadline. Please do not hold back this information as well.

  • I will be giving you WIPS (work in progress) through email so if you want to change something you must tell me beforehand. Last minute changes will be cost extra.

  • I do not copy art styles, the style you see from my portfolio is what you’ll get

  • I will post your commission onto my social media, if you would like it to be a private commission then please inform me beforehand.

  • You can give me a tip on Ko-fi if you can’t commission me: http://ko-fi.com/crispuart

  • To avoid burning myself out, I decided to take frequent breaks inbetween commissions. If you want to know the status of my commission, you can check my twitter or email me to book a slot and I'll start on your commission right away when my break is done!


Q: How long does it take for you to finish the commission?

A: It depends on the complexity of the commission but if I have to estimate it takes around 2 weeks more or less. I cannot determine a definite deadline so take these estimates very loosely.

Q: Can I pay the other half of the payment later?

A: No. It is listed my terms of service that I only accept upfront payment. I prefer this way so its less likely that I'll get scammed. If you're not confident about how your artwork will look like then please discuss with me.

Q: What's the difference between your Flat and Shaded commissions?


  • Flat style, minimal shading, and use mostly gradient or a soft brush.

  • Will be faster to finish since there's no shading

  • Cheaper than shaded commission


  • Lots of shading and rendering, has lighting and shadow.

  • Takes longer to finish

  • More expensive than flat commissions

Q: Can I post the commissioned artwork?

A: If you want to post the artwork in social media then please use the image that I renamed as "REPOST" and it has my big "COMMISSION" watermark. This is just to avoid people from stealing the artwork and only the commissioner has the unwatermarked higher resolution version.The commissioner can use the high resolution artwork for anything as long as it doesn't break my Terms of Service! Such as using it as your profile picture or any other personal uses. You don't need to ask me for permission if you want to use it personally!


  • Fill up my Commission Request google form

  • Once I accept your commission I will send you a message through your contact and give you an invoice through paypal.

  • After I get your pay, I will start on your commission (depending on the waiting queue).

  • You may receive some WIPs before the finished artwork. You can ask for some changes during the process but any major changes after the sketch phrase will be cost extra.

  • When the artwork is finished, you will receive a small jpeg with a "Commission" watermark for reposting purposes, and a high resolution size png for personal uses. You can post the watermarked artwork online.





1 piece$20
3 pieces$50
5 pieces$80
10 pieces$160
1 piece$20
Change colour+$10
Change figure+$15


  • Extra characters (ask me for their prices)

  • Complicated designs

  • Backgrounds - I will not charge you for flat colored background


  • OCS

  • Fanart

  • Portrait of yourself, your friend, your significant other and etc

  • Pairing (ask me for extra character prices)

  • Banners and Icons (ask me for the price)

  • Simple / Mild gore (blood is ok)

  • Partial Nudity (body must be covered)

  • Simple furry design (ask for the price)


  • Complicated designs - otherwise I’ll charge extra

  • NSFW - partial nudity or pin ups are ok as long as they’re covered

  • Anything that makes me uncomfortable